Rethinking Common Recruiting Strategies to Attract Marketing Professionals


In case you haven’t heard yet (or have been living under a rock) we’re facing some of the toughest, most competitive, hiring markets in decades. Doesn’t mean you can’t identify and hire industry experts; just means you have to try a little harder. In the marketing industry, in particular, differentiating yourself is key. There are ways to attract top talent, and avoid the pitfalls of becoming just another company with a seat to fill, by taking typical recruiting strategies and applying out-of-the-box thinking. For example:


Congrats on being a LinkedIn superuser, but of those 500+ connections, how many are really going to help you fill the void? To be successful in recruiting strategies using your social and professional networks, you can’t just post and pray. Saying you have an open opportunity versus suggesting that your network share or consider someone who may be interested are two very different things. One is simply another post in a sea of feeds, whereas the other is inciting some form of action that could be of use to you.

Appeal to your connections, “know someone who is looking?” or “pass it on, we have an opportunity available…” And don’t stop there. Join LinkedIn industry groups, particularly the local chapters where pros looking for a change may be in abundance. Offline networks can be just as valuable (yes, there is such a thing, but you’ve probably heard them referred to as colleagues or employees.) Let your company staff (particularly in the marketing department) know you’re on the hunt, and incentivize with employee referral programs.

Roles & Responsibilities

While you need a clear and concise job description, nowhere in that statement does it say it must be boring. Sure, a bulleted list is scannable, but at some point, you’re going to have to tell a story as to why this individual will be a critical team member. And it’s this “why” that goes a long way. You don’t want just anyone in the role, you want the person with passion. A driven collaborator who can motivate. So how are you going to motivate them with your position description? Not every marketing job has to have the title be Creative Superhero or the Supreme Being of Client Accounts. You can have a regular title and description be compelling.

For example, Data Analysts know they’ll be reviewing charts, generating reports, and providing insight…par for the course. However, what they don’t know, (and what you should be telling them,) is how the information they contribute will be used. You’re not selling the role itself, you’re selling the outcomes. (Solution selling.) It’s the end result that’s the clincher. It’s their claim to fame as it relates to your business.

The Company Description

It’s ok to toot your own horn as part of your recruiting strategies. Take pride in the company and workforce you belong to. Others will recognize this. Name drop like there’s no tomorrow in the “About Us” section of your post. Are you a Fortune 500 or award-winning something or other? No need to shy away from Glassdoor accolades either (they don’t call them trustmarks for nothing). However, accomplishments alone won’t sell your company.

What prospective candidates really want to know (especially in the marketing industry) is the type of environment in which they will spend the majority of their day. Company culture isn’t just another buzz phrase for the ages. It’s a living and evolving representation of the business itself. More than just elaborate murals or minimalist artwork adorned on the walls, or casual attire and emails using first names only, a company’s culture is defined by its people and characteristics of a company’s personality.

This is what a marketing candidate needs (and wants) to know more about when they read the brand’s description. If you’re just going on about the product or service you’re providing, then you’re not providing the information a prospective hire is looking for. Plus, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Illustrating the company culture in a job description is an easy way to attract like-minded individuals, or eliminate applicants who may not feel comfortable in that specific environment.

No one said hiring for marketing professionals was easy. It can be labor-intensive, and time-consuming for HR to identify and qualify the right people for department managers to interview. With a laundry list of must-haves for the right fit including personality traits that are impossible to pick up via automated ATS, it’s a double edge sword for Human Resources. A challenge to hire quickly and a detriment to keep the role open for an extended period of time. That’s where we come in.

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