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Making recommendations to you is an important aspect of the service we provide. We don’t blindly send a company, seeking a marketing or advertising professional, a pile of resumes. In the same respect, we send our candidates to positions they are suited for and that meet their objectives. Consequently, each side of the table comes into their hiring process with a positive feeling. Our staff of marketing recruiters consists of individuals who have a strong background in advertising and marketing which results in qualified leads for our candidates and companies. We are nationally networked in the marketing and advertising community and have ongoing, close relationships with the best, most sought after talent on and off the market. The companies that use our services are well respected in their industries. Our candidates have experience working in both client and agency marketing environments.

First, and foremost, we are professionals dealing with professionals. Our work is fast, thorough, and budget friendly. While our process is collaborative, we never deviate from understanding that we are working for you and only when you are satisfied, we are too.

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