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Qualities Companies & Brands Look for In Marketing Leadership

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It’s not enough to have years of experience under your belt anymore. To earn a reputation as a Marketing Director or Manager worthy of the title, you need specific marketing leadership qualities and character traits that inevitably shape the way you succeed at your job. Today’s marketing firms and departments are comprised of talent in .. Learn More

Rethinking Common Recruiting Strategies to Attract Marketing Professionals

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In case you haven’t heard yet (or have been living under a rock) we’re facing some of the toughest, most competitive, hiring markets in decades. Doesn’t mean you can’t identify and hire industry experts; just means you have to try a little harder. In the marketing industry, in particular, differentiating yourself is key. There are ways .. Learn More

Mind the Gap in Core Marketing Management

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We’re witnessing one of the most competitive hiring markets in decades. The fight, nay, all out war, for top talent including executive marketing and communications management is at its peak. With unemployment reaching record lows as of late, and society reveling in its good fortune, it’s the hiring managers and startups that are suffering hiring .. Learn More

Big Data, Big Dollars – Why Marketing Departments Are Hiring Data Analysts

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These days, you can’t make a move without prying eyes monitoring and measuring your every minute behavior. Gathering insight into your online travels, the slip of a click, and the anatomy of a download. Welcome to today’s marketing and advertising. Born from innate analysis and thriving because of the oxymoronic concept of granular big data, .. Learn More

Brand Director or a Creative Director? What’s the Diff?

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We get a lot of inquiries from companies, and even agencies, looking to acquire top marketing management to lead versatile teams. Some businesses need a multi-faceted expert to drive ROI through the analysis and execution of cohesive creative strategies. While others need someone who can direct the look, feel, and messaging that takes the market .. Learn More

Acquisition of Executive Leadership Goes Beyond HR

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When was the last time a CMO in the midst of a job search took a call from an HR admin to answer prescreening questions for a Board of Directors? Or, the Human Resources Manager reached out to the President of an agency and asked if they’d be interested in an opportunity with their company? .. Learn More

Do You Have What It Takes to Survive in The Gig Economy?

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Consulting. Freelance. Interim. Call it what you want, this type of employment has ushered in a new wave of recruits to a workplace phenomenon known as “The Gig Economy.” In marketing and advertising, provisional or temporary hires are certainly nothing new. Freelancers have been a staple in the industry for years. However, this type employment .. Learn More

Declare Your Independence (from Tyrannous Management)

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We hold these truths to be self-evident, that no person should endure management that makes their lives miserable. During this festive red, white, and blue week, we celebrate the freedoms that are synonymous with this great land. (Along with who can shove the most hot dogs in their mouth, and smuggle sparklers into an otherwise .. Learn More

Marketing Leadership in a Startup is Not for the Faint of Heart

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Have quantifiable experience? Can you show measurable progress? Proven track record in a similar situation? No matter how it’s phrased one thing’s for sure…you’d better be prepared to show results. Working for a startup or a company in its infancy can be the icing on a career cake for an experienced marketing executive IF you’re .. Learn More

3 for the Price of 1 – How Companies Can Spend 3x Less to Build Top Teams

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Some people will have you believe that it’s actually quite competitive in the corporate world. And you know what? They’re right! But contrary to what some might say, innovation is not what keeps you relevant and viable. Evolution of business and commerce actually relies on the people behind that innovation, and THEY are the one’s .. Learn More

Why Executive Search Firms Can Find Top Talent that Eludes HR

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It’s no secret that executive search firms are invaluable to organization filling management and leadership positions. The expedited time frame alone to identify, vet, and provide a short list of ideal experts is a cost savings most companies can’t afford to overlook. Although, there is a far more valuable benefit of using executive recruiters that .. Learn More

Perk Up! Creative Compensation to Attract Top Talent

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One used to only ask what their salary and medical benefits would be when contemplating a position. Not anymore. We live in an interesting world of company compensation – where one person’s well-traveled breast milk is another person’s gender reassignment. Not long ago, companies were promising their first born in the way of stock options .. Learn More

Great, You Scored an Interview. Now what?

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With a honed cover letter, polished resume, and link to some of your finest work you’ve made it in the door. It would seem that the only thing standing between you and an offer are a few in-person conversations. Wrong! Marketing, advertising, and even interviews for Analysts and Communications Management are seldom that simple. In .. Learn More

When There’s a Remote Possibility…

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The idea of working from home or “telecommuting” has its appeal. And, with the majority of today’s workforce mobile and geographically dispersed, remote work opportunities are plentiful, and even beneficial for employers. Marketing, communications, and creative positions often provide a degree of flexibility; but for those lucky enough to occupy a full-time home office, remote .. Learn More

Artificial Intelligence Beware. People Are Actually Engaging People.

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…And the Tin Can Uprising Commences Now trending, employee engagement. Human Resources Departments are obsessed with engagement techniques that would have you believe that production, operations, and morale would be at an all-time high. Wrong. Actually, it’s declining. Why? Good question. Plain and simple, Human Capital Management (HCM) platforms are telling HR pros they know .. Learn More

Climbing the Corporate Ladder? Don’t Bang Your Head on the Ceiling.

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Apparently, that corporate ladder only goes so high.


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There’s a certain vulnerability that accompanies a job hunt that can throw off even the most polished of professionals. The interviewing process does a number on candidates no matter their level of experience or seniority. As executive recruiters, the MarketSearch team has bared witness to seasoned pros dissolve under pressure; get caught in the crosshairs of .. Learn More

#Relationshipgoals – The Chemistry Behind Lasting Employees

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How is it that everyone is in employment bliss, but you’re still left looking for the one? Someone you can count on. Someone you trust. The person that completes your team. Filling a marketing or advertising position is a lot like online dating. (But don’t read too much into that.) It’s not about getting personal .. Learn More


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Industry specific executive recruiting has proven to be the most effective resource for employing Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) and marketing management.

The Secret (Hot) Sauce – Identifying Standout Qualities for Marketers with a Kick

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Finding the right marketing candidates means looking at more than a resume. You need to identify the qualities that make a marketer truly successful, and you need a way to see those qualities in the pool of marketing professionals.

Who is the 2018 Marketing Candidate??

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I’m excited to place the “new” for 2018. Marketers today should all be about connecting people in new and different ways and enabling them to think creatively to produce new ideas and better solutions to traditional problems.

Hey, it never hurts to talk. Right?

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Simple sentence and a quick chat just lead to our candidate this week accepting the spot of President for a global communications firm. We were searching for this role and listening to our client’s candidate feedback all along.

How do we keep the best talent in Boston?

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The great thing about recruiting for marketing talent in the Boston area is that luckily we are jammed packed with amazing firms. So with all the good in what Boston has to offer there is a balance in the not so good as well. The skills gap is heavily mismatched to the actual needs. We have needs from clients that are “now-needs” and the fits are not 100% there because some of these client Asks are ahead of the trend.

What hiring managers look for in marketers….catching flies freeze-frame

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In Brand Out Banter Episode 4, David Honig of the Startup Institute joins Douglas Spencer in talking about what hiring managers look for in marketers.

Passive-Aggressive Email Phrases

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This is article is gold! I know I feel less rude and more justified in my email activity now. Happy Hump Day.

Tips For Today’s Marketing Job Seekers

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Expert Interview Series: Amanda Leisman of Market Search Recruiting on Tips For Today’s Marketing Job Seekers. Amanda Leisman is a Marketing Recruiter at MarketSearch, where she provides the highest level of service to both candidates and clients. We had a chance to sit down with Amanda to discuss the job market for marketing professionals and hear her advice for today’s job seekers.

I used to wear French cuff shirts to my internship at an Advertising Agency…..

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Of course being in the one of the hottest startup, VC funded, fuse ball packed areas in the country helps cut down on the expenses of a custom made shirt.

Hiring Trends for marketing jobs in 2017

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Demand for Marketing Talent FAR exceeds the supply in most progressive areas,
To date, the demand for experienced Marketers is up in 2017 but 28%,
Overall company cut backs will be minimal, though certain areas will be effected much worse then others (ex: traditional, non-data Marketing functions)
And of course digital leads the charge of every search. You need to be immersed in everything digital. If you’re not there by now….you might as well rethink your career.

You’ve Just Been Laid Off. Now What? At SXSW 2017 – The perfect way to position yourself for career success.

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You’ve Just Been Laid Off. Now What? At SXSW 2017 – The perfect way to position yourself for career success.

Data Driven Potato Chips

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However again, the people who have these data skills and can client facing along with making sense of it all are getting attacked. Think of that one potato chip left on the beach and the swam of seagulls who are really, really hungry. Same concept.

And this is where AI recruiting falls behind; way behind.

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This year had been the transition for me and my peer Recruiters focusing on attracting Talent to those who are working on converting Talent.

Your simple guide to finding The Right person for your Team

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The war for getting The Right Person on your Team is hot and heavy and not letting up. Seriously, the routes for someone to find a job have now slathered marketplace. BUT with all these old and new channels, where are these people?

Demandbase….Account Based Marketing at it’s finest

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Sure this is short notice BUT there’s no doubt this Demandbase event is well worth your time. They are featuring some of the smartest minds within ABM. They know their stuff for sure. Come with me and learn more great ABM strategies to keep you at the head of your game!

Pick the right candidate pitch

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Smart candidates are going to make the change now. More compensation is almost a promise and career growth will be there for again, The Right search. The funny thing is that I’ve been on the receiving end of those InMails on LinkedIn as well.

The job search is not closed yet….

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We place VP, Client Strategy, Directors of Analytics and Strategy and several similar titles continually.

Today’s changing CX landscape

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What a great event with just industry leading Panelists. I’m excited about attending and if you have touch points within CX & want to stay steps ahead of the industry, I’d suggest attending as well. 5/9/2017 @ 6pm -Microsoft NERD Center -1 Memorial Drive Floor 1

Want to learn how to work with a Recruiter? Join us.

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David will share how to best work with recruiters, what to expect when working with recruiters, as well as, what skills his clients are demanding. We will have an open discussion and will be taking your questions.

This is your 5-step guide on how to partner, truly partner, with a smart Recruiter for the life of your career.

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This is your 5-step guide on how to partner, truly partner, with a smart Recruiter for the life of your career.


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There is so much opportunity out in the market right now.  What questions do I feel every candidate needs to ask themselves before hopping to the next job??  Who does one trust to help in their search or can you handle it alone? When is tenure right to make your move to a new firm? Are .. Learn More

Is staying at your job worth the cost?

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Have a look at the article below from Cameron Keng – definitely one of the more on target, relevant and interesting articles I’ve read this week. Gives you that strike while the iron is hot type of motivation to make that move now.

Which one is The Right one?

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….where does one find that truly right match for an open position? Finding the right candidates is also not all about networking; it’s about knowledge.

10 agencies marketers need to know in 2017

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I stumbled on this 10 Rockstar Agencies list that marketers need to know in 2017  and I had to share it.  Check out Lindsey’s profile below along with her firm; Sunday Dinner.  I love these types of in-the-know lists and watch firms like these rise to the top with the help of people like Lindsey. .. Learn More

21 unprofessional email habits that make everyone hate you

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With the onslaught of emails we receive every day, it’s hard to imagine how anyone could keep up professional email habits at all times. I stumbled upon the article below from Rachel Gilllett, a reporter at Business Insider and I had to share it.

Am I obsolete and is your career dying?

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While Watson can do amazing things in no time at little cost, comparatives, it’s my belief that personality, relationship building and the true understanding of brain power along with experience will not make us all obsolete for quite some time. I do think you and me can coast into retirement BUT the next generation needs to adjust fast.

Working From Home

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Sure, everyone wants the flexibility of working from home. This is a great article to glance over to make sure the daily home office ritual is a right match for you. Have a chuckle.

Account-Based Marketing Workshop

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Please join me and a great group of your fellow Boston B2B marketers on February 16th for breakfast, networking and an Account-Based Marketing Workshop focused on Building the Right Target Account List and Identifying, Attracting & Engaging Target Account. This complimentary workshop will coach you through identifying target segments and creating a plan to attract and engage them.

State of the world insight for today’s 10X’er CMO

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What does my firm do? In most cases, we are The Trusted Partner hired to come in as The Clean Up crew for a failing CMO. This means the CMO most likely is underperforming. They are not properly tied to sales & revenue. Maybe the firms’ mission has changed with the times & technology and Marketing has been left in the dust. Or even worse, The C’s don’t respect them enough to get them a seat at the table.

What’s critical to the success of the CMO position in a B2B organization?

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We are thrilled to be a Guest Speaker at this event sponsored by DemandBase. Experts will provide the traits and skillsets most critical to the success of the CMO position in a B2B organization. CEO of Brightcove and the VP at Shift Communication are just a few of the confirmed speakers.

Your Job Search 70’s Style

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We have the lowest unemployment rates since the 1970’s. Job reports of added new jobs are fast and furious. They are well into the 170k+’s ranges often. The new President-elect has vowed to bring back the jobs. More and more jobs. So many jobs but there are so many key factors to make successful placements.

Confidential Searches

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2016 was the year of confidential searches for sure. We had a great year and completed some incredible needle in a haystack find executive searches. There was a trend though. Fairly recent placements from OTHER firms who are not working out in the Client’s culture or due to performance issues. Thank goodness we didn’t place these candidate but were called in as the experts to fix the issue by conducting a highly confidential search.

What type of employee are you?

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Sure, you run the Intern Program and came close to committing adultery several times….but you didn’t. What’s next? It’s the season of giving but is your name at the top of the 2017 re-org list? Never get too comfortable.

Meet Our New VP of Marketing

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Got that Christmas spirit yet? I can’t see why not. This is YOUR time to focus on you and YOUR future. Seriously. Sorry, this is not a break for you. In fact, it’s just the opposite. This is your chance to shine amongst your peers, prospective competitors, who could be future colleagues and solidify your reputation.


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Working with a recruiter needs to be a partnership. The trouble is that there are several recruiters out there who just suck and are flinging resumes like hot cakes to clients and wallpapering their LinkedIn networks with needless messages of jobs that make no sense to candidates who are just pissed off at getting hit up so many times. A great Recruiter will listen, consult and truly work as a client-candidate partner.

The Past, Present and Future of Marketing Jobs

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Look around you right now. I bet you can read at least half a dozen messages. Translate that to your future working in advertising & marketing. Obviously we live in a complex, cluttered content driven world. Make sure if you are sending out any messaging; to your clients, to your customers, to the world….it is done in a concise smart manner that will gain traction.

Talent Shortage

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Group prayer might help you land that new Teammate! Hey, the market is so tight right now for new hires. We have the lowest unemployment rates in years. Great candidates are well sought after by leading, and not-so-leading, clients. We all need to work together as a well oiled machine to land the best of the best, A-Players and retain them long term.

What Do Last Nights Events Prove?

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What do last nights events prove? You have to make the move in your career, in your educational strides and who you are everyday to be a better person. Simple. Be the best and keep your message on point. Whether you’re in an interview or interviewing, stay close with what makes you different and the best.

Spotify Recruiting

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Where do you find talented candidates? It’s not as easy as you think but some companies are doing more than knocking on the door of the competitor across the street. Finding Talent is one of the toughest, most critical decisions an Employer can make. Enter Spotify. This is such a valuable way to marry the value of working for your business “brand’ in conjunction with the mindset of the targeted talent loyalty.

What Makes You Different?

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We interview candidates all day, every day. Keeping interview questions fresh is so important to keeping us credible and having our candidates view us as a trusted, knowledgeable partner. You need to ask questions and your audiences questions that you know will dive deep into their capabilities. Everyone wants to work together and be a member of a collaborative Team but candidates (and companies) need to have some type of ego.

Preparing Students – Bloomberg Radio

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David Lucey Vice President of Talent Acquisition Epsilon Discussing colleges and universities are listening more to the feedback from recruiters. Schools are taking action and addressing the issues that corporate partners are identifying. Gloria Larson, President of Bentley University, also participates in the discussion on Bloomberg Radio.

Why Marketing Needs Analytics

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Come hear our President David Honig speak at the We Work basement on Thursday, October 6th on how analytics has taken over the marketing world. There will be appetizers, beer and a stellar lineup of panelist including people from Sapient, Oracle, and Azimuth Systems.

Level Bootcamp & WeWork Present: Why Marketing Needs Analytics

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Are you interested in marketing strategy? Learn more about Level’s Marketing Analytics Bootcamp from Northeastern University

Choose A Job You Love

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“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” – Confucius

Job Descriptions For Dummies

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No doubt we see the same job descriptions posted over and over again. There is nothing to set them apart, have appeal and truly have a strong call-to-action for the candidates. The job description is the first introduction to the firm and should be treated as a first impression. Passionate, energy is contagious and people will read your tone in a Job Description. Make sure you are in Cheerleader mode and articulate that well.

How to Tap Your Own Network

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So we are asked all the time what is the best way to tap your own personal network for help in getting a job. Below is a simple how-to guide that might help you in your search. Everyone wants to help (hopefully) but just make sure you are not asking others to do the work.

September Networking Events

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It’s time to get your head back in the game. Summer is over, kids are back in school so let’s get networking. Don’t miss out on these September events! Boston Beantown Mixer, Future M and more.

The British Are Coming

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This new focus on recruiting Talent is such a cool development for us. Private companies who are the core of the US economy will now have the opportunity to add a worldly view to their marketing Teams and plans. The economy is stable, not rocketing and there is certainty that small business will adopt the best talent to keep them competitive. So rather than grabbing Dunkin Donuts with your colleague, hopefully, you’ll be splitting a scone.

Empty Suits Don’t Get Ahead

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In an ocean of empty suits, now is the perfect opportunity to truly set yourself apart from the rest when interviewing. Don’t expect doors to open by just putting company names on your resume. They won’t. Be proud of your successes and know how to articulate it with vigor & create a buzz.

Candidate Dating

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Whether you’re searching to fill a position or if you are looking for a new job; you know in your gut when it’s Right. We all know there’s a shortage of great candidates. No matter how networked you are, and trust me MarketSearch is networked all over the country, finding that right person, that right fit is not an easy task. So when it happens, treasure that moment.

Help Wanted

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Companies have faced high unemployment rates and now they are not. There is low unemployment universally. Even with companies with large amounts of cash at hand, they still need to remain at the forefront of the competition. Invest in you and invest in talent.

Three Simple Questions To Set You Apart

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When getting ready for an interview don’t forget you are interviewing them just as much as they are interviewing you. Don’t ask questions to just ask questions and never say no. You want to ask smart, engaging questions. You want to make sure the interviewer doesn’t have any doubts about you and that you show your interest in the company/position as well as find out if this could be a good fit for you.

Get Off Your Ass

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No doubt starting your day early with a great workout will get your juices running. It’s not fun at all to think you may be one of the only souls in the gym or running on the road. Whether you are trying to build your business, on an extensive job hunt or just trying to get motivated and accomplish a goal for the day, working out and reaching your performance goals will make a positive impact for you and your entire day.

Cattle Call Interviews

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Everyone is interviewing….but it seems they are interviewing for the same job & with the same company! No doubt companies are hiring but it seems like the same firms are hiring and bringing in cattle calls of candidates for the same rolls. What are these clients NOT finding in the countless candidates who walk through their doors?

The Whole Pie

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It’s an extra special job market for sure. Bloomberg says that 15% of Hiring Managers they polled feel “that the quality in the labor market is not up to par”. Hiring Managers are willing to leave jobs open and consistently see additional candidates vs. hiring someone who is not an exact match.

Best Interview – Holiday Week

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We hope you all had a great 4th of July. We know how hard it is to get back to work after a holiday that is why we thought you might enjoy this funny video clip from The Office. Watch Robert California creep everyone out during his interview.

Summer Job Reflection – Where are YOU?

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If you don’t already take the time to reflect on a regular basis maybe now is the time. You want to make sure that your current position aligns with your long-term goals. Maybe it did when you started but is that still the case? What’s probably a very smart exercise to do between clambakes is to take a couple minutes to really reflect on your current situation.

What Does the LinkedIn / Microsoft Acquisition Mean to Your Career?

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Simple. It means staying in touch with your most trusted Recruiter is now more important than ever. Why? You are about to get slammed with a ton of CRM based communications. Talk about SPAM. My prediction is that with the acquisition, LinkedIn is going to become much more CRM rooted.

The Summertime Itch

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The sun is shining and that makes the shortcomings of your current job stand out even more! How am I ever going to make it through another day here? The smartest thing to do is enjoy the Summer! Call MarketSearch to begin to map out what the perfect next step in your career is and together we can put a game-plan together.

What the Jobs Report Means to You

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We are at full employment which is going to equal better pay for those at the top of their game. This raises the question of where does the market go from here? What will further growth look like and how long will this last?

Networking Events in June

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Summer has finally arrived and now is the time to get out and start networking. Below are a few upcoming marketing events to help you get the ball rolling.

Alicia Keys Said It Best

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With the historically low unemployment rate and so many opportunities for the best candidates to choose from, you must move quickly and pay competitively or you risk lose your top candidate.

Spring Career Inventory

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So you’re deep into the Spring season and see no chance for taking off for a Summer vacation? According to Bloomberg, more jobs are posted in April than any other time of the year followed closely by October and July. What are YOU waiting for?

Top Reasons to Work with a Recruiter When Hiring

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Finding, attracting, and closing top talent isn’t easy. Sure there is LinkedIn and you can post your job on job boards but many top candidates are not looking for a new position. That’s where we come in.

How to Work with a Recruiter When Looking for a Position

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Learn the method behind the madness of recruiters. Why do they ask invasive questions and why you should look for a job when you have a job.

Must Read – “An Open Letter to College Crybabies from a CEO”

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This article from a CEO to college students is a must read. Real life is harder than college life. Welcome to the real world.

You are perfect for the job BUT does your resume show that….

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Below are a couple things NOT TO DO to ensure the hiring manager will want to move forward with your resume:

B2B Marketing Manager

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4+ years of solution / product marketing (or similar) experience within the B2B space

Director of Brand – Los Angeles – Santa Monica

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8+ years relevant experience in brand strategy with a leading consumer facing brand or brand agency.

Senior Content Delivery Strategist – B2B

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Demonstrated experience managing content development with distributed teams.

Marketing Manager, Social Media Strategy – B2B

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5-8 years in B2B marketing, PR or within a publishing role including experience exclusively managing social media channels

Marketing Manager, Strategic Programs

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3-5 years of high-tech B2B marketing experience

Data Analytics Director

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5+ years of demonstrated business experience in marketing analytics, developing campaign management and response predictive models.

Director of Brand Marketing

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8+ years similar consumer, fashion apparel experience working within social & PR strategy

VP, Social Media Strategy

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Candidates are expected to have 8-10 years in marketing communications and 3-5 years in the space of social/content strategy development working on large social media communications campaigns.


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5+ years revenue forecast models for information technology platforms, cost structure studies, and financial analyses. Detroit. Client facing and customer engagement focused.

Group Media Director – Digital Media Planning

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10+ years experience in media and/or combined media and marketing, with emphasis on digital media.

VP, Account Services – Agency Services

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The ideal VP, Client Services must have 10+ years of relevant, agency-side leading edge client services experience

Account Supervisor – Search Marketing

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4-6 years of paid search experience. SEO experience is a plus, but not required.

Creative Director – Maine

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10+ years of professional advertising/design experience with exceptional creative, communication and project management skills – agency experience a plus

Director, Marketing Strategy & Storytelling

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7+ years of solution / product marketing (or similar) experience in complex technologies, with at least 2 years in a managerial role.

VP, Client Services – Agency

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8+ years of client services, account & team management with a leading national agency.

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I've hired David twice in the past six months to fill account service positions at our creative shop. Both times David listened closely to our needs, shared market insights and brought highly-qualified candidates to us. ...

Anne Piessens | Vice President of Client Services at White Rhino

When you're looking for a new position, one of the most frustrating aspects can be the waiting and wondering. Am I still a viable candidate? Where do things stand? Did that interview go well? David was one of the most...

Bill Durling | Head of Corporate Communications at Sam's Club

David led the recruiting effort on the search for my role with Capital One. From the start, his energy and drive set him apart. But it was his honesty and candor that I actually valued the most. From the candidate's pers...

Carla Hudson | Chief Marketing Officer at

David did a terrific job in helping us to identify strong marketing candidates within a very short timeline. He was extremely positive, professional, and responsive throughout the 2.5 month recruiting process. He was abl...

Carrie Lafferty | Lead Recruiter at EnerNOC

I just finished up a meeting with the new hire that David Honig of Market Search Partners in Boston sourced for me, and I was so inspired I decided to write this recommendation. Having worked online for the last 13 years...

Colby Jone | Founder and CEO of Online medical marketing consultant - full development & programming team

I met Dave several years ago while he was conducting a search for one of his clients. While the position was not right for me, he did take the time to understand my career goals and we kept in touch. Last year Dave told ...

Doug Eckelkam | Vice President, Account Management Supervisor at Putnam Investments

David has always kept in touch with me thru the many years that I have known him. Anytime we needed to hire someone David always knew what we needed for candidates and always presented top notch people who had worked in ...

Elaine LaFratta | Sr. Staff Assistant at Epsilon

David is without a doubt the most proactive and communicative recruiter I have worked with. He was in constant contact throughout the interview process, and provided excellent advice on both how to approach the company I...

Eric Rosenberg | Consultant at Information Builders

I have had a fantastic experience as a MarketSearch candidate. David's candid approach was a time saver (as he ensured I was only considering opportunities that truly aligned with my skill sets and long-term career goals...

Erica Kirwan | President at Kirwan Communications

David Honig is a master at his craft. I have worked with numerous recruiters in the past, while trying to move my career forward, and many of them were excellent. What sets David apart, however, is his strategic thought....

Evan Gerber | Vice President, Mobile at Fidelity Investments

David is a true partner working hard to achieve results for you at every stage of the process. He is knowledgeable, extremely patient and highly focused to provide you the best support. Being new to the process, it was w...

Ganesh Shastri | Online Marketing / eBusiness / Marketing Technologist

David and his firm Marketsearch performed excellent results recruiting an expert in marketing management. He thoroughly discovered our needs and was right on target placing the ideal candidate...

George Otte | George Otte Owner and President, Geeks On Site George hired MarketSearch as a Recruiter in 2012

David used his vast network to help me obtain a fantastic new position. After being unemployed for a year and working with several different recruiters who never followed through, I found David to be one of the best in t...

Ingrid Corona | Marketing Manager

I had a great experience working with David recently. He was very helpful in providing me the information I needed and always followed-up on my questions in a timely manner. David also provided great insight that helped ...

Jason Shniderson | Director of Marketing and Communications at Beacon Partners

I've worked with David at various points during my career and I can honestly say that he's the best when it comes to understanding your strengths and aspirations and matching those with available opportunities. Keeps you...

Jeff Tomaso | Vice President, General Manager - Healthcare at Epsilon

David was instrumental in assisting me in the job search process. He matched me to an ideal opportunity swiftly and with ease. David has great communication skills and provides above average service. He was a pleasure to...

Jessica Allen | Marketing and Communications at Symmetry Partners

David knows how to find the right candidates for employers and the right employers for candidates. David helped me find my current position and without his industry knowledge, resourcefulness, tenacity, and honesty, I wo...

Kathryn Zajac | Experienced Loyalty Marketing Professional

David is by far one of if not the best recruiter I have ever worked with in my career. David placed me at Holland Mark Advertsing 10 years ago. When I found myself in a similar situation in 2009, David was my first phone...

Kristin Toli | Senior Marketing Communications Manager, Liberty Mutual Insurance

David has a very unique and inclusive process backed by superb business data, marketing expertise and keen intuitive sensibilities rarely found in the fast paced recruiting world. Unlike other recruiters, when working wi...

Luis Ruvalcaba | Creative Director at Orangestar Inc.

I have recently partnered with David and Market Search for some tough to fill positions in Searching Marketing. Let me be very clear…. I do not work with agencies on direct hire placements since hiring is done in house...

Mary OReilly | Staffing Client Relationship Manager | Lead Recruiter | ADP | Automatic Data Processing | Dealer Services

It was a pleasure working with David. Always available for questions and ready to provide valuable suggestions/feedback. His knowledge of the job market and companies in the Boston area is outstanding and this surely mak...

Mattia Santin | Global SEO/Social Marketing Manager at adidas group

David is one of the best recruiters around. As a candidate out in the market, David really looked after my best interests. Not only did he take the time to get to understand the type of job and employer I was looking for...

Michael Baldani | Marketing Director at Fidelity Asset Management

Working with David as a candidate was a great experience from start to finish. Unlike most recruiters, David truly listened to my desired types of jobs and work environments. He was knowledgeable about the Boston online ...

Nick Snow | Senior Online Marketing Manager at MD Connect

I cannot recommend David highly enough. He is the kind of professional recruiter you can only hope to work with. Always extra-communicative, insightful and tenacious, working with David has been a fantastic experience....

Paul Molinari | Digital Marketing Strategist

David is one of the best executive recruiters in the business. I've worked with him as both a candidate and an employer, and he's excellent in both roles. As a candidate, you really feel he has your best interests at hea...

Roberta Haber | Director of Marketing, Corporate Sponsorship at WGBH

David is an expert who knows every facet of the job market. Dave not only attends to his clients’ needs but also influences and advises candidates. He is a high-energy person with a positive attitude who acts honestly. I...

Sandra Markussen | Marketing Analytics Professional

Simply put--David is a remarkable recruiter. He has the experience and ability to find and place the right candidate in the perfect position. He asks all the right questions and digs deep to make sure that the match is s...

Shannon Aronson | VP, Digital Strategic Consulting at Epsilon

David is a trusted and reliable partner. I've worked with him for nearly a decade and he's always been able to deliver for me and my clients. His can-do attitude, insight and accountability are attributes that I have gro...

Sheri Taylor Gilchrist | Vice President, Director of Relationship Marketing at Eaton Vance

Recently I have had the pleasure of working with David and through my experience it is apparent that David is a true professional whomever he interacts with and is highly skilled at locating talent and building the conne...

Somu Vadali | VP Product Management at Healthrageous, Inc.

David was great to work with. He is highly responsive and eager to help place the right people in the right positions. I would recommend his services to any company or professional looking for career advancement....

Stephanie Brown – Purtell | VP, Management Supervisor at Bluefish

I recently had the pleasure of working with David as a candidate. When it comes to recruiting for marketing roles, David “knows his stuff”. He understands the nuances of marketing that most recruiters do not, so the ...

Susan Worthy | Head of Provider Marketing, Accountable Care Solutions at Aetna

When I am looking to hire, looking for a job myself, or just want to know what is going on is the market, David is my first call. He is an experienced, well connected recuriter who knows the marketing and technology indu...

Susanne Hensel-Goodwin | iKnowtion

David is an extraordinary recruiter. He has a wealth of experience and the ability to identify quality talent, and place them in positions at organizations that provide the best suited culture and career growth developme...

Wayne Griffith | Global Digital Marketing Analytics Strategy at Hasbro

I was presented with opportunities through MarketSearch. David prepared best for all my meetings. He is keeping strong communications between myself and the Client. He follows well everything up quite well. I would like ...

Ye (Angel) Pan | Analyst at KBM


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