They make you feel all the feels. Creators of the buzzworthy eye-candy and earworms that get liked and shared. Taking a brand from the unknown to the what’s trending with a single idea.

They navigate chaos to emerge cohesive. They awe with artistry and intrigue.  They herd big cats among a carnivorous wild. They are Account and Creative Directors, Managers, Digital Strategists, and SEO evangelists. Possessing a strategic vision with a creative flair, they work in teams or not at all. The talent found in Marketing firms is a unique breed of professional. Lucky for you, we are too.

MarketSearch recruiters hail from within the industry, and often within these firms themselves. So yeah, we know a thing or two about what it takes to survive (and thrive) in this environment. And that’s the difference between hiring for a job, and placing the right talent in the right position.

No one knows better than we do that working within marketing firm or agency isn’t for the faint at heart. It requires savage determination and fearless idealism. Whether on the account side representing clients, or on the creative end of the spectrum envisioning concepts that pave the way for countless wannabes, competency must be paired with character and both must mesh with the individual environment. That’s where we come in.

MarketSearch helps you avoid the endless resumes and countless LinkedIn profiles that only scratch the surface. We tap into a network of colleagues, marketing firm pros, that seek new opportunities to work on different accounts, and apply their love of hysteria with acquired insight. Add in some unique vetting tactics that help us pinpoint the perfect personality to complement your firm’s persona and there ya go…a short list of must-have candidates whose residency in this type of environment could be yours.

With so many moving parts to marketing and advertising firms, and different flavors of talent that comprise a single team, it can be difficult to illustrate the ideal traits for a successful candidate. Good thing you don’t have to.

Partner with MarketSearch to connect you with the industry powerhouses that that drive innovative marketing strategy.