Takes One to Know One

It’s not just a clever name, it’s an obvious indication of who we are and what we’ve perfected. MarketSearch executive and management recruiters place the industry’s top talent because we hail from the industry itself.

We are marketers.

We are effective communicators and client-centric creators. The MarketSearch team are former Communication Strategists, Designers, Writers, Market Research and Data Analysts, and Direct Marketers.

We’ve branded. We’ve positioned. We’ve gone to market. We’ve launched… and relaunched. We’ve been on the client side, as well as entrenched in agency chaos. We thrive in high intensity, pressure-driven, innovation labs. We are results oriented. Forward-thinking. Talented. And dedicated.

After all, we are marketers.


It’s simple really. Who better to understand your business or career objective as it relates to the industry than those who’ve held the position? That’s where we come in.

MarketSearch is different in that we focus on a single industry and all of its concentrations.
Plus, we don’t race to place.

Sure, more often than not we get it done with swift accuracy, but that’s due to expertise not exploitations. There’s no spray and pray of job descriptions to the masses. Only strategic promotions to a select network of qualified industry pros.

Call us the matchmakers of marketing, we look at more than what’s printed in black and white. We look at the person and the personality. We determine if character fits culture before we make the introductions. Candidates and clients become colleagues and confidantes. We pride ourselves on relationship building and lasting partnerships because marketing executive recruitment shouldn’t end at onboarding. It should evolve.

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