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How We Help Employers Find Talent

Executive Job Placement for Marketing & Advertising Executives, Managers and Specialists. Here’s where you get started.

MarketSearch is a nationally networked executive search firm whose sole area is advertising, digital marketing and marketing communications. Every member of the MarketSearch team has an extensive background in these areas enabling us to provide you with highly qualified, pre-screened marketing candidates to fill the open executive job positions.

Our network of candidates is constantly growing and look to our expertise in helping them find an appropriate new position. Currently, our exclusive database is comprised of over 20,000 marketing & advertising specialists who are actively considering a professional change. When we provide you with a candidate you can be assured that the person has been fully pre-screened and interviewed so that the person meets your requirements of experience, personality, and expertise so that you may quickly move forward in the hiring process. We make sure that candidates have a thorough knowledge of the position and the company based on information that you provide so that you know that the prospect is an active, qualified, and interested lead.

We will work with you every step of the way from writing a job description and setting up interviews to negotiating salaries.

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