David Honig is the founder and president of MarketSearch, a premier recruitment agency for the marketing and advertising industry. David is a lifelong marketer. He has spent his entire career in advertising and marketing. Starting out in the agency world, David worked with top Boston and national agencies, helping them plan and execute marketing strategies for top name brands. He truly enjoyed working with marketing professionals and seemed to have an uncanny ability to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the people working for and around him. David’s unique gift of recognizing talent made shifting from account management and strategy to recruitment a very natural and successful process.

Mr. Honig has a keen eye for talent and an incredible capacity to understand what traits company’s value in prospective employees, both on a technical and cultural level. David’s recruiting experience started with lead recruitment agencies on the national marketplace. He was groomed and trained in formal recruiting as well as retainer and contingency based search. After years of helping several staffing agencies succeed and grow, David used his extraordinary skills and vast network of marketing professionals to form his own recruitment agency, MarketSearch.

For the past several years, David has been successfully placing marketing and advertising professionals with MarketSearch, continuously growing the company’s strong reputation nationwide. What separates MarketSearch from other recruitment agencies, is that they focus solely on job placement for marketing and advertising positions. Being a seasoned marketer himself, David has forged genuine relationships with many of the candidates he’s placed, staying in touch with them over the years observing the evolution of their careers. Conversely, David has earned the trust of countless clients who he has assisted in attracting elite talent to their companies.

Over the years David has had a myriad of successful placements for businesses and this success has led to many referrals, allowing MarketSearch to grow and establish itself as one of the top recruiting agencies in the country for marketing and advertising.