You’re in a unique position to introduce new value to the marketplace. However, it takes a certain aptitude and personality from marketing leadership to make this happen.

MarketSearch partners with venture capitalist firms and startup companies to secure executive and upper management for emerging brands. Our VC consulting services scope out roles and responsibilities to help you build comprehensive marketing departments, and our executive placement services are indispensable when acquiring the leadership to launch new products and services.

As an additional service to investors, we’ve recently started to connect venture capitalists and stakeholders with marketing firms and digital agencies. You have the opportunity to establish go-to-market strategies and foundational plans, along with the expertise needed to drive initial marketing endeavors prior to staffing your own startup.

MarketSearch is uniquely positioned to offer top talent to VCs and new companies. Our network of marketing executives who have worked in this particular environment, and in-depth knowledge of the industry offers expedited recruitment and highly qualified marketing leadership.

Unlike established companies, starting a new business venture requires self-direction and independent management from core team members. MarketSearch provides a short list of both ideal candidates and marketing firms that can hit the ground running and provide the marketing intelligence and tactics to introduce your brand to the masses.