Hiring for AI Competitive Marketing

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Lets learn from industry AI experts then build you job description for your next marketing leader. Watch some highlights from this past The AI Expo for National Competitiveness hosted by one of our favorite cutting edge firms Special Competitive Studies Project – SCSP. For global marketers,this event is a blueprint for how to be AI competitive.


he demand for skilled talent remains high in 2024. To meet their hiring goals, companies must continue finding innovative ways to attract and retain both long-term and short-term talent.Approaches such as offering above-average compensation, promoting opportunities for career advancement and engaging recruiters to help you tap into the pool of passive job seekers are more important than ever. In addition, attracting skilled talent is increasingly about how well a company can provide a healthy work/life balance.

Hiring continues to be difficult for marketing and creative roles, but there may be good news for employers planning to expand their teams. More than half (55%) of marketers and creatives are eyeing a career change, driven mainly by the allure of better compensation, benefits and perks. To attract or retain them, companies must step up their game, offering competitive salaries, flexible work arrangements and clear paths for career advancement.

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