And This is Where AI Recruiting Falls Behind; Way Behind.

There is no doubt the landscape of recruitment and talent acquisition has fiercely (and quickly) changed. My Peer Recruiters and I spend most of our days trying to build credibility and get to the right people, at the right time. Recruiters are expected to be just complete industry knowledge hubs of information for their candidates. They are expected to know everything about our clients’ firms, the USP’s and truly understand how to target the best candidates who would make the best long-term matches. This is all a given and what makes a good Recruiter a great one. And this is where AI recruiting falls behind; way behind.

This year had been the transition for me and my peer Recruiters focusing on attracting Talent to those who are working on converting Talent. So sure, AI recruiting can target well but it cannot give the understanding of what’s driving a candidate to potentially be interested in one that’s truly going to make a change.  At least, AI can’t do that yet….

On the heels of this thought, sure I love LiveChat and ChatBot but I have to say, there is nothing better than a true video chat or dare I even say an in-person meeting? It’s over these channels where a candidate can build trust with a Recruiter and a Recruiter can do the same with the candidate. These interactions will make us as Recruiters so much more successful in helping candidates build their careers. Recruitment is so similar to therapy for candidates. This is the chance for someone to bitch about where they’re at in their career and what would make them truly happy. A form of self-introspection when guided by a knowledgeable and experienced Recruiter. Of course for the Recruiter, this is how we stay current with the market and industry changes. We can offer simple and easy solutions.

So my end-end here is next time you have an IM pop-up on your LinkedIn, rather than just promptly saying, “oh, not again”, give the Recruiter a solid chance, a conversation and it might help your career for the better.

This article defines in greater detail the benefit of building a personalized approach. It can be a great resource for both Recruiters to use as a 101 and Candidates to build better relationships with their Recruiters for the long haul.



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