The MarketSearch Recruiting Philosophy – Marketing & Advertising Recruitment

MarketSearch is without a doubt, one of the most successful marketing and advertising recruitment companies in the country. Our success stems from a unique philosophy which guides our recruitment process and facilitates the long-term relationships we establish with clients. What differentiates us from most recruiting agencies is that we focus solely on recruiting for Marketing and Advertising Professionals. This focus allows us to attract and retain a highly qualified pool of talented marketing and advertising professionals who appreciate the fact that marketing is our specialty. Similarly, the companies who we fill positions for truly value and trust our expertise in recruiting for marketing and advertising industry, since that is our sole mission and focus.

The MarketSearch staff is comprised of seasoned marketing experts, including many who have worked in a wide variety of marketing and advertising departments for an array of multi-level companies. We know what it takes to succeed in marketing positions and we apply this knowledge to our candidate examination process to determine whether a candidate is a great fit for a position. For 12 years, we have been refining our candidate qualification process to ensure that we have a complete understanding of each candidate’s strengths, experience, capabilities, and personality. Our vetting process is proven successful time and again as both clients and candidates come forward to share their positive experiences.

We believe that to properly place an individual in a marketing or advertising position, we must not only match their skill set and experience with the job requirements, but also ensure that the candidates’ personality will mesh well with the culture of the company that they are being placed in. Unlike many staffing agencies, MarketSearch genuinely cares about our candidates. We are firm believers in staying connected with candidates throughout their entire careers to help foster their advancement. See how we help marketing professionals discover great job opportunities.

Finally, MarketSearch believes recruitment is a collaborative, highly communicative partnership between the recruiter, the client, and the candidate. We are the trusted bridge in this trio, ensuring that the client/candidate marriage is successful. We help companies (large and small) find the perfect people for the roles they are looking to fill. We go as far as to help clients determine everything from the market value of a candidate to supporting them closely through the interview process. When we present clients with a candidate for a job, they can be assured that the individual has been fully pre-screened and interviewed so that the person meets all of their requirements for experience, personality, and expertise.

At MarketSearch, Marketing and Advertising Recruitment is our passion. It is our sole mission and focus as a business. We strive to cultivate long-term relationships with our clients in order to fully understand their goals, needs, and requirements. We take great pride in connecting talented marketing professionals with outstanding companies resulting in a mutually beneficial and successful experience for everyone involved. Learn about how we help employers here.


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