8 mistakes executives make when interviewing

Common Interview Mistakes Executives Should Avoid

There’s a certain vulnerability that accompanies a job hunt that can throw off even the most polished of professionals. The interviewing process does a number on candidates no matter their level of experience or seniority.

As executive recruiters, the MarketSearch team has bared witness to seasoned pros dissolve under pressure; get caught in the crosshairs of ad-hoc answers; and gripe at the sobering experience of no longer being considered head honcho. And you can bet that none of these executive candidates made it past the first round of questioning.

Management and c-level job seekers often overlook essential tips and resources when job hunting that are widely found online. Forbes, LinkedIn, and numerous industry publications feature tales of tables turned – when the executive is in the hot seat as the interviewee as opposed to being the interviewer. Use these hard lessons of less fortunate, and avoid the behaviors and oversights that have halted executives’ and managers’ progression through the interview process in round one.

Check out our infographic  8 Interview Mistakes Executives Make When Interviewing below MarketSearch has assembled to avoid the pitfalls of interviewing and common interview mistakes executives make when presenting themselves for a position.


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