What NOT To Do When Writing A Resume


As a creative marketing recruiter, I have seen every type of resume, from highly creative to one page to the point. I can tell just by looking at a resume which ones will be thrown out and which ones the hiring managers will move forward with.

Below are a couple things NOT TO DO to ensure the hiring manager will want to move forward with your resume:

What Not To Do When Writing A Resume:

  1. Call yourself a “seasoned executive” – what does that even mean?
  2. Having your resume read like a job description – “Created a lot of campaigns that helped the company” –How many campaigns? How did it help the company? Hiring managers love numbers. They want to know what you did and what the outcome was for the company. Always include concrete ROI’s.
  3. Lead with “worked in a timely manner, etc.” – Your first bullet point for each position should be your biggest accomplishment.
  4. Never lead with your years of experience “with over 20+ years of experience” – this does not excite the hiring manager. Keep in mind companies’ want energetic excited employees who can bring fresh new ideas. Don’t outdate yourself.
  5. You don’t need an objective at the top – the hiring manager knows you want this job, you’re a hard worker looking for growth blah blah blah, but the real question is why should they hire you? What can you do for the company? The only thing they care about is how will your skills and experience bring value to their company.


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