To be a success you have to listen. Sure, everyone has his or her own opinions, personalities and ways of getting “it done”. Working with a recruiter needs to be a partnership.

The trouble is that there are several recruiters out there who just suck and are flinging resumes like hot cakes to clients and wallpapering their LinkedIn networks with needless messages of jobs that make no sense to candidates who are just pissed off at getting hit up so many times. It’s so frustrating for everyone involved, namely the great recruiters out there who truly know how to target, and do have the experience to make those direct hits. So when it comes down for a new recruiter/candidate or recruiter/client relationship to start a relationship, we spend most of our time trying to build credibility around our process, history and truly what makes us different.

Ok, so thanks for listening to my rant. What prompted this you might ask? I read an article saying that Recruiting will die by 2018.  Yes, catchy title for sure. And yes, the article is 100% in point with technology replacing internal Talent Acquisition slowly. But what it does not bare to take in to consideration, in my mind is that there will always be a need for Recruiters and people who listen.

Have a look:

The take away for me is that a great Recruiter will listen, consult and truly work as a client-candidate partner. This keeps our doors open and has for the past 16+ years. Clients and candidates return because we listen. We are successful. And this is why with every great advancement within recruiting technology that we are all preparing ourselves for now, the easiest and strongest key to sustainability is to….listen.



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