What Type of Employee Are You?


  • Sure, you run the Intern Program and came close to committing adultery several times….but you didn’t.
  • Sure, if you were to revisit your resume there are enough lies on it to concrete your next job bagging groceries.
  • Sure, your Assistant can probably do a solid 60% of your job with ease.  And potentially with better results then you.
  • Sure, you’ve padded the invoices on hours a little bit this year.  Robbing Peter to pay Paul but Finance still loves you.
  • Sure, there’s a few people walking around your open space Google styled workspace who truly know you carry a knife to back-stab them for that corner, closed door office.
  • Sure, that 3pm Snickers Bar Break has now advanced so drastically you have a full, flask in your desk.

But, you’ve made it through yet another year.  What’s next?  It’s the season of giving but is your name at the top of the 2017 re-org list?  Never get too comfortable.  You’ve heard it all before.  Always be looking for that next step.  You’re not going to be able to retire ANY time in the near future.  Life expectancy is so much longer.  Your 401k will get the crap kicked out of it several times before you can even reach that age goal to withdraw non-taxable income.  Face it you’re in it for much longer then your parents ever imagined.  Make sure you are the best, most valuable, current employee your firm could ever ask for and if you can’t say that with confidence and enough gunpowder to back it; move fast.

So I ask you again, what type of employee are you?

Have a true look at all the info above and ask yourself are you happy & doing everything in your power to be the best in your industry?  With the lowest unemployment rates in decades your performance now will be scrutinized more then ever.  Your return needs to be the strongest ever.  Be that Company Guy but don’t loose sight of what’s next and that there is always someone out there who wants your job and can do it better for less.

Drink up and have a wonderful, stress free Holiday Season!  Thank you all for being a part of the MarketSearch Team and we look forward to working together much more in 2017!

Cover Photo Credit –

Michele Slobin Apprille



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