VP, Social Media Strategy

VP, Social Media Strategy

This senior level search will work in developing complex social media recommendations for world-class clients. They will develop and lead Teams who plan fantastic social strategies, truly best in class, performance driven social campaigns. This is the end-all-be-all place for social innovation.

This VP candidate will oversee and launch deep data driving social media campaigns. They will be responsible for creating a vision and strategy for national brands. The VP will drive the creation of social content strategy, drive clients monetization and partner with ad sales. The VP will work on assembling social audits of their own brands as well as the competitive sets.

The VP will also build and implement social media strategy via client research, competitive research, platform evaluation, audience research and the ever fun creative strategy & message development. The VP should be inspired by leading content development and consumer engagement (experiential, promotional) Teams beyond the boundaries of social media. This position reports to the Chief Strategy Officer.

Candidates are expected to have 8-10 years in marketing communications and 3-5 years in the space of social/content strategy development working on large social media communications campaigns. Of course we need someone with both a superior knowledge in social media AND someone with a superior love for everything social!


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