Top marketing jobs on LinkedIn Demographics and Salaries

What they do: Customer marketing managers often sit between sales and marketing departments, helping develop and execute programs that drive client engagement, such as awards and events. | Most common skills: Customer InsightMarketing Strategy, Competitive Analysis | Most common industries: Computer Software, Internet, Information Technology & Services | Top locations hiring: San Francisco, Boston, Chicago | Salary range: $89,900-$154,000 | Current gender distribution: 76.3% female; 23.7% male | Median years of prior experience: 10 | Top roles transitioned from: Brand Manager, Product Marketing Manager, Customer Experience Manager | Remote job availability: 30.7%

Related titles include Paid Search Manager or Search Engine Marketing Marketing (SEM) Manager.

What they do: Search marketing managers develop paid search campaigns across digital channels to promote adoption of a product or service. | Most common skills: Paid Search Strategy, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Google Analytics | Most common industries: Marketing & Advertising, Information Technology & Services, Internet | Top locations hiring: New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles | Salary range: $46,000-$90,400 | Current gender distribution: 44.1% female; 55.9% male | Median years of prior experience: 6 |Top roles transitioned from: Digital Marketing Manager, Search Engine Optimization Executive, Account Manager | Remote job availability: 31.2%

What they do: User experience researchers track user motivations, preferences and behaviors to help inform business strategy and product development. | Most common skills: Usability TestingUser Experience (UX), User-Centered Design | Most common industries: Internet, Computer Software, Information Technology & Services | Top locations hiring: San Francisco, Seattle, New York City | Salary range: $68,800-$151,000 | Current gender distribution: 66% female; 34% male | Median years of prior experience: 8.5 | Top roles transitioned from: User Experience Designer, Product Design Consultant, Human Factors Engineer | Remote job availability: 35.4%

What they do: Technical product managers are often more specialized than standard product managers, focusing more on how a strategy is implemented by engineering teams and the technology required. | Most common skills: Agile Methodologies, Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Agile Project Management | Most common industries:Information Services, Information Technology & Services, Telecommunications | Top locations hiring: Seattle, San Francisco, New York City | Salary range: $65,000-$155,000 | Current gender distribution: 34.2% female; 65.8% male | Median years of prior experience: 12 | Top roles transitioned from: Product Manager, Project Manager, Business Analyst | Remote job availability: 6.4%

Related titles include Enterprise Account Executive or Enterprise Account Manager.

What they do: Enterprise account directors sell to and support new customers, in addition to managing relationships with existing clients. | Most common skills: Account Management, Software as a Service (SaaS), Enterprise Software | Most common industries: Computer Software, Internet, Information Technology & Services | Top locations hiring: Chicago, San Francisco, New York City | Salary range: $80,000-$150,000 | Current gender distribution: 30% female; 70% male | Median years of prior experience: 15 | Top roles transitioned from: Software Account Executive, Director of Business Strategy, Business Development Officer | Remote job availability: 17.2%

Related titles include Pre-sales Engineer, Solutions Engineer or Solutions Consultant.

What they do: Customer solutions engineers provide consultancy and technical solutions to prospective or existing customers to support the sales process. | Most common skills: TroubleshootingIntegrationNetworking | Most common industries: Computer Software, Computer & Network Security, Information Technology & Services | Top locations hiring: San Francisco, Boston, Seattle | Salary range: $60,000-$140,000 |Current gender distribution: 18.9% female; 81.1% male | Median years of prior experience: 9.5 | Top roles transitioned from: Software Engineer, System Engineer, Account Manager | Remote job availability: 17.2%

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