Elephant Pilot Hunting

If you’re wondering whether you need new senior marketing leadership, you probably do. Good news: the talent’s waiting for ourcall. The post-Covid confluence of high inflation, low unemployment, and this epic moment in the history of marketing has created a candidate-driven (i.e. “sellers”) market the likes of which we’ve never seen (and I’ve been placing top-tier marketers in great jobs for —gulp — more years than I wish to mention!). More good news: they’re not just looking for a bigger paycheck. Great marketers don’t jump first for money. What gets their attention is getting pitched by a trusted source (us) a one-of-a-kind opportunity they can run with. Your best negotiating position is have us draft a job description that is so intellectually challenging and creatively rewarding that no matter what you end up having to pay, the perfect fit will always jump higher and farther than you ever expected!

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