The Benefits of Using a Marketing Recruiter

The Benefits of External Recruitment for Marketing

The benefits of external recruitment for high-level marketing positions can be seen by both employers and applicants. Whether you’re trying to fill an executive marketing job in your company or you’re a marketing professional looking for an executive position that suits you, using the services of marketing recruiters can be extremely helpful. Not only will using a recruiter help you save a lot of time and manpower, but a recruiter can also help companies find the most qualified candidates and assist candidates in finding the most ideal executive placements.

Benefits of External Recruitment for the Hirer

There are multiple benefits of external recruitment for the hiring company. For one, companies won’t have to take away from the productivity of their internal staff to sift through applicants. They can outsource the hiring process to professionals, enabling their internal staff to focus on other priorities. Working with a recruitment firm also saves a lot of time. No longer will you be required to spend hours sifting through applications. A recruiter will provide you with a list of highly qualified, pre-screened leads in a short amount of time.

Most importantly, when you work with recruiters that specialize in connecting marketing professionals with companies in the marketing field, you can rely on the expertise and insight of people who really know marketing. The recruitment staff at MarketSearch has an extensive background in marketing and marketing communications and is, therefore, able to match you with the most highly qualified candidates. So, not only does it take less time to hire an executive when you work with MarketSearch, you also get superior results.

Benefits of External Recruitment for Applicants

Applicants looking for executive staffing positions in the marketing field will send out far fewer resumes by working with a recruiter. A recruiter will interview you to determine your needs, goals, and requirements, and then help you find a position that is perfectly suited to your skill set and level of expertise. Furthermore, marketing recruiters can provide you with regular job listings from around the country, keeping you engaged in the job hunting process.

When you work with a recruitment firm like MarketSearch, you receive resume and cover letter writing assistance to ensure that your skills and expertise are accurately represented. Moreover, a recruitment firm provides you with insider information about hirers and job openings so your job interviews are more successful and productive. The preparation and advice that a recruiter gives you will put you strides ahead of the competition and help you land a job that’s a perfect fit.

Best of all, companies pay MarketSearch to receive help finding the top candidates for their executive positions. As such, executives searching for jobs don’t pay a cent for our services.

MarketSearch: Your #1 Marketing Executive Search Team in the Northeast

MarketSearch is a Boston, Massachusetts executive recruiting agency, specializing in placing candidates in top-level marketing positions. An extensive network of contacts in Boston marketing positions allows MarketSearch to effectively match up qualified candidates with executive job openings. We work with startups/VC’s, marketing firms, brands and corporations. If you want to learn more about MarketSearch’s services, we can discuss all of the benefits of external recruitment with you. Contact us below today.


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