Social Networking May Help Land that Job at an Executive Search Firm

Social Networking May Help Land that Job at an Executive Search Firm

To Tweet or not to Tweet? That is the Question.

In today’s ever-changing job market the 20 million dollar question is: What is the value of social media? And more importantly, can it land me the job I’m looking for?

Should I tweet? Set up a Facebook, MySpace or LinkedIn profile to help me stay connected in the job market? The answer is, YES! But it better not be the only thing you do to land that 6 figure job!

If used correctly, nearly any social networking profile can help you to keep in touch with your job recruiter and stay on top of the most pertinent business and industry news. It is important, however, to understand the ways that social media can benefit you in the recruitment process.

To help you with some basic insight, here are some tips from MarketSearch Recruiting: A leader in insightful recruiting for marketing and advertising professionals.

Use Your Profiles to Stay Connected and Updated

The main purpose of your social profile, in terms of job recruitment, should be to keep you connected to the marketing recruiter. (This is, of course, if the recruiter you select is progressive enough to use social media.) The recruiter should be posting new jobs or opportunities to their social media profiles, giving you a jump start on researching the companies that are offering the positions. In today’s competitive marketplace, presenting yourself as one of the first applicant’s can show incentive and passion to the search firm.

Also by using your social profiles to stay updated on the latest industry news, (relevant to your job market) as well as specific company news to which you are considering working for is a smart move. A viable candidate will be engaged in the latest industry knowledge. It shows passion for what you want to accomplish in your new position. Speaking intelligently about the company direction may just bring your resume to the top of the pile.

Yet Another Evaluation Tool

Social media is becoming ingrained into our culture today. Employers may want to use your profile to assist in their evaluation. A qualified executive recruiter will be able to introduce you to the client through your social profiles, long before you get your first interview. “Compiling the different and complex pieces that make a candidate stand out as the, ‘Chosen One’, is not for amateurs”, states a MarketSearch team member. “Please do not try this at home folks! Every MarketSearch Team member has an extensive marketing and recruitment background enabling us to provide marketing companies with highly qualified candidates. Utilizing social media is just one piece to the recruitment process.”

So tweet, set up those social profiles, and use a qualified executive placement firm. In today’s competitive job marketplace, utilizing every medium possible to present a strong recruitment profile will get you one step closer to landing the job of your dreams.

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