Meet Our New VP of Marketing

Got that Christmas spirit yet? I can’t see why not. Like everyone else, you’re probably trying to use the last pennies of your budget to make ANY smart hire to help get it off your never ending work off your desk, deliver on business that’s really not due until late NEXT quarter but your client is up you’re A— to see it now ALL while you are waiting online for that final friends & family coupon to come in.

Full plate.  Not yet, make room!

Now sprinkle all that with your holiday professional party commitments. This is YOUR time to focus on you and YOUR future. Seriously. Sorry, this is not a break for you. In fact, it’s just the opposite. This is your chance to shine amongst your peers, prospective competitors, who could be future colleagues and solidify your reputation.

Ok, get your stuff together and here’s how:

Make a memorable introduction. 

The best introduction I’ve always remembered was an agency guy coming up, looking me straight in the face, puts out his hand and says his first AND last name.  Simple, authoritative and to this day, I remember his name and energy. I want THAT Guy on my Team.

Immediately connect on social.

No not connecting on Twitter; only on LinkedIn. While its great that you’re in the Speedo Run your next Boss doesn’t need to see you in “full gear”. LinkedIn will keep you closely and professionally networked for your career. Remember, you’re connected for your career in LinkedIn. Awesome, powerful and use it wisely.

Use this opportunity to talk about your accomplishments. 

This is tricky.  Understand your audience.  You’re not selling.  You’re conversationally sharing ideas, your passion and of course common grounds on what makes you outstanding at what you do. There’s no car salesman plaid suit needed here. In fact, that pitch could dig your grave. This is…..hey, I really love what I do and was able to create great work.  It is a sharing of ideas vs. I’m God’s Gift to Marketing, a David Ogilvy Jr. and grandstanding. Smart balancing act that will get you remembered. Keep it short and sweet then go one to commenting on the fruitcake.

Final note. 

The holiday season ends quickly. We are slated for a ton of searches already in 2017 that are awaiting final budget approval. Dress to impress. Always present yourself as polished and someone who cares about how they look. This too is always that extra way to make a lasting impression. There are SO many empty suits out there. Play the part inside and out. You will make my job 100% easier!



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