How to recruit and hire a Marketing Leader in 2022

The State of U.S. Hiring Survey from talent and consulting firm Robert Half polled 2,300 senior managers and found that 65% anticipate adding new, permanent positions in the first half of this year, up 14 percentage points from six months ago; another 33% expect to fill vacant positions.

In particular, the survey found that managers in administrative and customer support (72%) and marketing (69%) departments have the greatest hiring needs. In addition, contract hiring could also experience a boom, as 71% of senior managers expect to bring in more contract professionals in 2022. Marketing and technology departments (78% each) are most likely to increase the number of contract workers they use.

When it comes to attracting this talent, employers are using several strategies, most commonly increasing starting salaries and offering remote options. More than 40% are providing signing bonuses and giving additional paid time off, while nearly one-third are loosening requirements for education, skills or experience.

The good news is the new survey found many employers already recognize the benefits of the remote transformation—from a bigger talent pool to more compensation flexibility to a quicker hiring process. But, that’s not to say hiring remote talent is always seamless. When asked about obstacles to such hiring, respondents most commonly cited challenges assessing candidates’ skills through virtual interviews; developing compensation packages for candidates outside of the company’s city or state; and scheduling virtual interviews across time zones. Once remote employees join, survey participants acknowledged building engagement and connection can be more difficult, as can providing training and offering adequate technology.

According to the Future of Work Report, 62% of companies are planning to make the shift to hybrid or remote work during 2022. Many have found that flexible work options help retain talent, give them a recruiting edge, and have worked well amid the ongoing pandemic. This is good news because the report also shows that, among hiring trends, workplace flexibility is one of the top priorities for candidates when looking for jobs.

Keep in mind that wages alone won’t cut it. Monster’s Future of Work Report showed that other forms of compensation like healthcare and paid time off will also be necessary to attract and retain workers in today’s labor market.

Candidates will expect home and hybrid working options as standard when they apply for positions, while companies will have to offer flexible and home working options if they want to attract and keep the best talent. Some people will prefer the office, some people will want to work at home, and others will need a mix of both – and the best companies will cater to this need.

Candidates who know their worth

The job market in 2021 saw more open positions than there were candidates, which means that job applicants were in a position of power. In 2022, expect to see more job listings as companies try to expand and build back from the pandemic – but still assume that candidates hold all of the cards

More job applicants now realize their worth in the job market, and that trend will continue in 2022 –look at the Great Resignation if you need evidence that people are less willing than ever to put up with poor working conditions.

When combined with increases in living costs, we expect to see candidates demand higher pay levels than they may have done in the past. And, to attract the best staff, companies will have to offer more cash.

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