Candidate Dating

Picture this, you go out for a drink and meet that very special someone who you know has major potential.  The conversation is great. The eye contact is made. The Bobby Brady Fireworks happen when you first kiss. You know this is the best date you’ve had in a long, long time and they just get you and your goals.

Why would you leave without a phone number and a next step plan to make this person “yours”?

Now translate that scenario to either side of your search. Whether you’re searching to fill a position or if you are looking for a new job; you know in your gut when it’s right. We all know there’s a shortage of great candidates. No matter how networked you are, and trust me MarketSearch is networked all over the country, finding that right person, that right fit is not an easy task. So when it happens, treasure that moment.

This past week has been spent fielding both The Right client and candidate conversations that were based in prolonging the interview process. Ok yes, I’m biased for sure but I’ve been successfully recruiting for a long time now and truly understand how to be a consultative partner with both sides of the fence. It’s a matchmaking science for sure.


  1. You want to see more, and more of the same people with the same experience for truly no apparent reason. She’s gorgeous. He’s handsome. Keep them close.
  2. Due to vacation schedules, the team is going to take another two weeks to regroup and share interview feedback. People…it’s a yay or nay. It’s 2016 and we all work virtually all the time.
  3. This candidate has everything we need and want but we might need to wait until the next quarter to bring them on board. Invest in your future.
  4. We would like to have the candidate back to meet others who have nothing to do with this search and the candidate will never interface with them…ever. Would you have them meet your mom’s second cousin for approval for you to marry?
  5. Talent managers who quoted we need this person on board now but in reality can’t truly onboard until Q4!  Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.
  6. Great candidates will not stay in the market long. It’s a fact.
  7. There are so many firms hiring and not enough fish in the sea. Don’t get worried, get committed.
  8. Offer something attractive, compelling and competitive to that right person.
  9. Why are YOU different than the Average Joe next to you?
  10. Act now and get the “number”

I love what Robert Half International stated in a recent article:

“Almost one of every four employees loses interest in an opening if they don’t hear back from a prospective employer within a week of being interviewed, according to a survey by staffing firm Robert Half. Make that two weeks of waiting, and the share jumps to 46 percent. Further, 39 percent of people surveyed said they’d move on to chase other openings when faced with a lengthy hiring process.”



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