job switchers an annual salary bump of 8.5% along with other data around hiring & executive search -The average quality candidate lasts 10 days ‘on the market’.

job switchers an annual salary bump of 8.5%

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By Harriet Sinclair, Editor at LinkedIn News

Thinking about changing jobs? Now might be the time to act — with the tight labor market and inflation giving job switchers an annual salary bump of 8.5% in July, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. It’s the largest median pay increase for job switchers in two decades. Meanwhile, those who stayed put were netting an annual bump of 5.9% in July. Despite the job market cooling slightly, employees remain optimistic about finding new jobs, with 4.2 million people resigning in July.

44 percent of recruiters have sourced candidates by text and;66 percent of recruiters use text messages to communicate with applicants.69 percent of candidates prefer to text with their prospective employers.54 percent of candidates factor clear communication as important during the hiring process.

30 percent of candidates say that a quick hiring process is important.60 percent of candidates have dropped out because of a long hiring process.SHRM reports that the average time to fill a role takes 42 days. However;The average quality candidate lasts 10 days ‘on the market’.

86 percent of candidates claim that emphasis on company culture factors their decision-making.53 percent of employers offer mental health benefits to employees. This is up by 8 percent in the past year.60 percent of candidates enquire about workplace COVID safety during the hiring process.According to Glassdoor, 57 percent of candidates view benefits, bonuses, and culture as the main deciding factor.

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