Job Descriptions For Dummies

No doubt we see the same job descriptions posted over and over again. There is nothing to set them apart, have appeal and truly have a strong call-to-action for the candidates. The job description is the first introduction to the firm and should be treated as a first impression.

Think about this; why would someone want to work there? Why is your firm, different, better, smarter and faster than your competition? This is pretty simple stuff that will no doubt start to attract the right people. Leave out the unattractive and just focus on the great.

What I mean is don’t get bogged down in the administrative, tactical issues and focus on the top must haves. Have a solid ratio between the two and interweave humor.  We love doing that and a laugh gets traction quickly.

Once you’ve better segmented who you’re looking for and you have an active audience, then focus on the gold which is why your company is great. Of course, this needs to be backed up by great reviews, solid low attrition rates and the best history of growth. Unless you’re being brought on as a Change Agent, no one wants to join a beat up, sinking ship.

This is your chance to boast on why you love your job. So sit back, think and use your 20-second elevator pitch to share what gets you out of bed in the AM.

If you can’t think of anything you love about your place of employment, then maybe you need to look for a job description that’s attractive to you and find your next position!

Passionate, energy is contagious and people will read your tone in a Job Description. Make sure you are in Cheerleader mode and articulate that well.



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