Who is the 2018 Marketing Candidate??

I’ve had the opportunity to watch a number of different technology trends take shape. I’m excited to place the “new” for 2018. Marketers today should all be about connecting people in new and different ways and enabling them to think creatively to produce new ideas and better solutions to traditional problems.

The job market for 2018 is no doubt going to be highly specific in need and keep on technology advancements vs. trends. If you are a progressive Marketer who has stayed ahead, maybe even rode the wave of advancements you are going to remain highly marketable.

Of course, deep data and an understanding of how to use intelligence will remain the driver for all our searches.

While analytics and content Talent are in greatest demand, our Marketing Clients also see growth in the need for martech, design, development and operations Talent. Marketing is so integrated that the success of one person’s role truly relies on another’s.  Each of these concentrations feeds off each other. Even with a limitless budget, it would be difficult to out-hire the Talent you need to keep pace with increased customer expectations.

In the past, marketers used analytics to react to their audience’s behavior. Later, that transitioned into using data proactively. Now data will be used for predictive analytics that will deliver hyper-personalized online marketing campaigns in real time.

As a marketer, you need to find a way to make your offer instantly attractive, so they can access it through their mobile. We know that 60% of customers expect easier access to online support, and 29% expect consistent customer experiences across channels.

With this information at our fingertips, marketers can better prepare for the now and the future of hiring digital Talent.

Have a look at this Inc. video that talks more about 2018 marketing trends –




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