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Shaping the Future of Marketing Leadership Amidst CES Buzz. In the whirlwind of CES, where talk revolves around intelligent automobiles and AI-driven tech, I’ve been immersed in discussions with CEOs and Talent Acquisition Leaders. The consensus is clear – the need for strategic senior marketing hires is very much there, and it’s about aligning with future goals, not just past needs.

As we embrace GenAI and cutting-edge technologies, it’s not just about creating these tools but deploying them on a mass scale. The impact of AI and GenAI on the labor market hinges on widespread adoption, not just development roles. Remember, the power of technology unfolds when it becomes accessible to many, not just a select few.

In the realm of GenAI jobs, let’s keep a close eye on overall growth and which occupational sectors lead the charge. Are you ready to shape the future of marketing with strategic hires? Let’s connect and navigate this transformative journey together. 🚀 #MarketingLeadership #GenAI #FutureOfWork #StrategicHiring

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