Trends in Recruiting & Executive search for 2022 and beyond

The quality challenge When asked about recruiting challenges, improving candidate quality is the top concern, ahead of improving candidate diversity.

The pipeline challenge seems to have shifted from adding volume to knowing what is in the pipeline. Building a solid candidate pipeline dropped 14 points to 43% from the 2021 survey, as better access to pipeline data moved up to 43%. Data access is the top concern for 62% of c level executives.

Looking to the future, 59% of talent leaders expect DEI to remain a strong force in the recruiting landscape.

Diversity is virtually a superpower for all key performance metrics. As recruiters build their talent teams for high growth and performance, more diverse experiences and backgrounds can increase innovation, creativity, improve financial performance, and so much more.

The trend toward inclusion Suggested reading What Is Recruiting Automation?

Recruiting Priorities and Challenges What are the top 3 trends you expect to shape the industry in the next few years?

Diversity, equity and inclusion Even as company offices reopen, remote work has now become an important option to attract top talent and open up new sources for candidates. With the scale and velocity of recruiting today, automation, AI and machine learning will be essential tools.

Growing people teams Selling your company to candidates Where are companies investing their talent dollars?

Diversity leaders edged out recruiters, once again showing that companies are rebuilding their talent teams in a new way. Company branding goes beyond a careers page as a portal to jobs listing, and has become a multi-channel marketing effort with LinkedIn leading the way to attract talent, highlight employees, and build your brand.

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