Empty Suits Don’t Get Ahead

In an ocean of empty suits, now is the perfect opportunity to truly set yourself apart from the rest when interviewing.  Don’t expect doors to open by just putting company names on your resume. They won’t. You need to be on top of your interviewing game with everyone from directors of talent acquisition to hiring managers to the front desk person greeting you when you walk in. Make a solid impression and back it up with smarts so everyone remembers you and most importantly want to work with you.

This past week we fell in love with several candidates on paper BUT when meeting with them there were the sounds of crickets in the room. Simple questions were asked and blank faces quickly followed. These were experienced candidates with Fortune 500 clients on their resumes. We were waiting to get wow’ed and instead left the meeting saying, “Wow, that was a waste of time”.

We are going to represent the best of the best for our clients. We want candidates who can speak to what they have done specifically to help strengthen a client relationship, to grow the business, to deliver the most amazing optimized results for whatever they are developing, etc. When we push and ask what you have specifically added we don’t want you to pull back and/or instantly revert back to “we”. We know there’s no “I” in Team, however, we need to understand what your skill is to be able to truly integrate your outstanding ability to work collaboratively into your pitch on why you’re the best person for this search. Be proud of your successes and know how to articulate it with vigor & create a buzz.

The cost to bring new talent on board is high for most firms. It’s so important for everyone involved to make sure candidates can and will deliver. So that said, have your pitch down, customized and know your audience.  Sure, first impressions go a long way. And yes, your suit, dress or whatever should fit the environment.  Just make sure your brain and communication skills match how great you look!

Below is a simple how-to guide by Alison Doyle that I think really hits the mark. Even if you think you have it down I highly recommend reading this just to double check… it can’t hurt.


Remember, your resume alone will not land you your dream job only you can!



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