Today’s Changing CX Landscape

What a great event with industry-leading Panelists.  I’m excited about attending and if you have touch points within CX & want to stay steps ahead of the industry, I’d suggest attending as well.

Have a look at the details below and I hope to see you there.

Customer experience (CX) is a top priority for businesses worldwide and more critical than ever. More than 50 percent of organizations will redirect their investments to CX innovations by 2018, according to Gartner. Considering that an estimated $1.6 trillion is lost as a result of poor service, no company is exempt from offering an exceptional customer journey.

While digital customer engagement is part of the new world order, physical engagement – old-school face-to-face interactions – remain highly relevant as well. Even in this tech-centric age, Accenture research finds that human interaction remains a vital component of customer satisfaction. However, it can be argued that innovations like live video chat, facilitating a real-time connection between a brand and a customer, represent physical engagement – and this is where the lines blur. Is the convergence of the physical and digital worlds the endgame in innovative engagement and CX?

Join us as we explore today’s changing CX landscape – a world where excellent customer experience is driven by a company’s ability to engage with its customers, both online and off, to create an emotional connection between the customer and brand. How are forward-thinking businesses leveraging innovation to drive CX? Is direct physical interaction a thing of the past or do consumers prefer dealing with human beings? What challenges are presented as a result of the new world order? We will dive into these questions and more at our next B2B IT Forum on May 9, 2017, at the Microsoft New England Research and Development Center in Cambridge, MA. Complimentary hors-d’oeuvres and beverages will be served.

The B2B IT Forum

The B2B IT Forum is a series of Boston events focused on emerging trends and companies in business IT. Hosted by Ascent Venture Partners, the B2B IT Forum is for innovators and entrepreneurs who seek a lively and well-informed discussion about the new frontier of enterprise technology. Each forum focuses on a specific area of enterprise IT, with panels and presentations from industry leaders and startups.





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