Get Off Your Ass

No doubt starting your day early with a great workout will get your juices running. It’s not fun at all to think you may be one of the only souls in the gym or running on the road. That said, I bet you’ll be surprised at a number of like-minded people you can add to your network with an early morning workout. These people are most likely going to push you, challenge you and sweat it out next to you while trying to accomplish the same goal. Take off your headphones and between your gasps for breath try to start some small talk.

This morning I met two people from a top financial marketing firm. Last week I met my new financial planner. The week prior to that was shared reaching goals with a senior level digital planner from one of the top agencies in town. Not coincidentally, that conversation led to her becoming a candidate and she’s now interviewing through us with two firms.

What I’m trying to get across is that whether you are trying to build your business, on an extensive job hunt or just trying to get motivated and accomplish a goal for the day, working out and reaching your performance goals will make a positive impact for you and your entire day. If you feel fit emotionally & physically there is no doubt in my mind it will play an important part in how you succeed in both your day and your career.

Think about the fact that companies are working in one of the most competitive economies ever. This is a race whether you like it or not. Your firm AND your attitude need to be better, faster and stronger than all the rest if you want to continue to come out on top. Your brain needs to be both on and in it to win it. Warm up your most valuable asset, your brain. Start early in the morning and dive into your day.

A recent research-based report from the Harvard Business Review shared something most of us know from personal experience. The report concluded that exercise decreases stress, which can improve productivity and enjoyment in all areas of life. The same Harvard Business Review report suggested that exercise improves one’s self-efficacy.

To me, this means if your mind, body, and butt are in gear & in the game, your career will be positively impacted. Think about it, your creative marketing juices are running. Look down at your smartwatch. You’re tracking your success. Directly translate that into the campaigns you are managing. Translate that into your job hunt. Translate thank into securing the best Talent on the market. Get charged about your workout and it will channel your brain in the right direction. Your brain, body, and butt will thank you. We will thank you as well for being the best, most competitive candidates you can be!




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