Our Client was founded to bring next-generation technology to private capital markets. Through our

suite of cloud-based analytics and data management solutions, we help many of the world’s largest and

most sophisticated venture capital, private equity, and credit funds understand their investment

performance in unprecedented detail, with over $6 trillion of AUM monitored via our solution suite.

They get to go “behind the scenes” and work directly with investors who are driving some

of the most impactful changes across high growth start-ups, global infrastructure and renewable energy,

growth equity, and all other private capital strategies. The firm is backed by The Carlyle Group, Nasdaq

Inc., and Summit Partners, and has seen continuous rapid growth since its founding in 2016.

The Opportunity

Recently, our client raised a ‘Series X’ funding round led by global growth equity investor Summit

Partners and we are now seeking a creative, results-oriented Director of Marketing to help build our

marketing program from the ground up and accelerate our growth.

You will work closely with stakeholders to establish and build the marketing function, with a focus on

content marketing, event marketing, paid advertising, product marketing, and account-based marketing.

This position will report to the CEO, with engagement across the organization and partnership with

contract resources while you architect and hire your full-time team.

This is a multidimensional, highly collaborative role where the ability to effectively communicate and

efficiently multitask is a must. Your responsibilities will span many marketing channels and functions, and

we understand you may not be an expert in all of them. However, we are seeking deep expertise in

several, with motivation to learn the rest in partnership with our expert advisors.

Even if you do not meet every criteria, we would still encourage you to apply! Chronograph offers an

entrepreneurial environment where you will be able to proactively identify opportunities to develop and

strengthen our marketing function.

As a Marketing Director focused on Marketing, you will:

● Test, validate and build. First and foremost, you will test a variety of ways to help drive new and

expansion sales opportunities, from content to events to paid media and PR. You will validate

some early hypotheses and build the right processes and team to scale.

● Know your customer. Through rigorous analysis of both quantitative data (e.g. Google Analytics)

and qualitative insights (e.g. surveys and interviews), you will gain a deep understanding of our

target personas, and serve them accordingly.

● Establish thought leadership. Leveraging our domain expertise, primary data, and marquee

customer relationships, you’ll put together a plan to scope, produce and distribute content that

builds trust, credibility and demand. While traditional written, video, and webinar content will be

foundational, we see significant opportunity to extend this content through physical and virtual

customer communities.

● Define and execute our ABM strategy. You’ll work hand in hand with sales and executive

leadership to identify our target accounts, profile them, and create the plays to help drive interest

and engagement for the sales team.

● Plan, budget and manage. We are prepared to invest in high potential areas and double-down on

what works. You will make the case for that spend and optimize the funnel — from initial

impression to closed deals.

You will be successful in this role if you have:

● Prior B2B marketing experience. We think experience is best measured in results and intensity

(not years), but you need to have meaningful experience building a marketing function or

capability from the ground up, and aggregate experience of five (5) to eight (8) years.

● Builder mindset. There’s going to be a lot of experimentation and building to do. We’re looking

for someone who crushed it as an individual contributor, and whose skill set and willingness to roll

up their sleeves has not eroded as they became a manager. You’re organized, prioritized and

agile, and you can teach your team how to do the same for themselves. You have a track record

of accomplishments that demonstrate this.

● A technical toolbelt. You know your way around Google Search Console, Google Ads, LinkedIn,

Hubspot, website optimization tools and/or other marketing systems, including automation

systems. You understand how they work in detail, and pass this knowledge along.

● Leadership as a calling. You know how to manage employees of all types. You possess

empathy for each of your team members, but hold them, and yourself, to the highest standards.

Your leadership skills allow you to attract and develop strong talent.

● An authentic content voice. You have led the development of content that engages prospects

and customers at an unusually high rate and isn’t “marketing speak.” Customers value

participating as experts in your content programs. You have developed company or partner led

channels through which prospects and customers engage with each other around this content

foundation. Expert users think of the content and community your team produces as the ‘place to

be and the place to learn.’

We value creativity, open communication, cutting edge technology, striving for excellence in all things –

and having fun along the way. We want you to be happy here for the long-term.

We offer:

● Flexible work arrangements (including remote / in person / hybrid)

● Competitive salary

● Unlimited and flexible vacation

● Generous health benefits

● Fully-paid parental leave

● …and more!

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