Location: San Francisco Bay Area or Boston Area

This role will work within the PPG revenue enhancement practice area with a focus on the B2B technology sector and report to the Vice President of Growth Marketing. You’ll be responsible for assisting with marketing diligence, auditing and advising on demand generation programs, and working directly with portfolio marketing teams to drive measurable results. If you love digging into data, learning business models and markets, finding growth and optimization opportunities, and driving ROI, this role is for you.

What You’ll do

  • Dissect Data. First and foremost, you’ll assist with marketing data analysis. What are the funnel metrics from impression to customer? How are opportunities generated? How does this compare to the competition and internal benchmarks? You’ll utilize third and first-party data as well as your own experience to make informed hypotheses and reports.
  • Assess Demand Gen Programs. Using your own experience, collaboration with portfolio marketing teams, and the guidance of the PPG team, you’ll review and formulate opinions on the quality of existing demand generation programs and budget allocation across paid, content, SEO, nurturing and more.
  • Develop Recommendations. You’ll translate data insights and learnings into actionable recommendations to improve marketing performance. From ways to improve tracking to new channels, creative and CRO experiments to test, you’ll find as much low-hanging fruit as you can.
  • Architect Improvements. Recommendations are great, but they need to be put into practice. You’ll suggest project plans and may even draft some campaigns, copy approaches, content ideas, account structures and landing pages to help with execution.
  • Drive Performance. This role is not about vanity metrics. At the end of the day, you’ll be working to identify and to capture marketing opportunities that will help our portfolio companies grow. And you’ll aim to make that as measurable and quantifiable as possible.

Who You Are

  • Demand Gen Strategist with Depth in Paid. You know that there are a lot of ways that marketing strategy and tactics can drive pipeline and revenue. You likely have a background in paid media but have been exposed to a variety of methods over your 5+ years in demand gen and appreciate how they all come together.
  • Curious B2B Marketer. You’ve worked in-house on a B2B marketing team or supported them on the agency or contractor side, preferably in the tech industry targeting mid-market and enterprise customers. You’re comfortable with 3+ month sales cycles, have a perspective on ABM and know the importance of measuring through to revenue. You can understand new businesses quickly and are always on the look out for new tests to run.
  • Analytical Researcher. Asking the right questions, breaking them down into component parts, and finding the answers comes naturally to you. Novel problems don’t scare you, they excite you (and so do Excel spreadsheets).
  • Systems Thinker. How does a business work? How can marketing fit in and support along the way? You won’t know all the answers, but you pick up frameworks quickly and understand often complex interactions and journeys—and simplify them.
  • Confident with a Growth Mindset. You’re confident you can make an impact and aren’t intimidated by working directly with multiple stakeholders and on multiple projects. But you’re also humble enough to appreciate there’s a lot of ways to succeed and it’s important to keep an open mind—because B2B buying behavior and marketing changes


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