Sales Solution Engineer, Measurement & Attribution:

Our Client provides the most powerful marketing measurement and optimization solutions that increase campaign performance, sales, and engagement. Their breakthrough person-centric approach provides marketers with actionable insights to prospectively recommend media, message, and budget allocation empowering them to make the best decisions that maximize marketing Return on Investment (ROI) and brand impact.
The Sales Solution Engineer, Measurement & Attribution will provide superior service and expert assistance to mid and lower funnel qualified sales prospects, with the aim of providing a viable solution to secure a license agreement.  The Sales Solution Engineer, Measurement & Attribution role requires being adept at solving complex challenges within the construct of our Client’s platform and capabilities while providing positive business cases for potential customers and users. The Sales Solution Engineer, Measurement & Attribution must have advanced business acumen as well as deep technical understanding of every feature and capability our Client delivers. Sales Solution Engineer, Measurement & Attribution are also required to have solid understanding of mathematical modeling techniques (AI, regression, machine learning, lasso, ridge, elastic net, etc.) and be able to explain how these are leveraged to provide value within the platform.
The Sales Solution Engineer, Measurement & Attribution will influence the direction and development of our software by deftly analyzing issues and proposing viable solutions while working closely with senior level internal and external stakeholders.   The Sales Solution Engineer, Measurement & Attribution will be heavily relied upon to deliver expert presentations to various internal and external audiences, and are the subject matter expert on the platform and all our Client’s capabilities. The Sales Solution Engineer, Measurement & Attribution must be able to work effectively across many disciplines, such as sales, engineering, product management, and marketing teams. Effective and clear communication is critical; the ability to explain complex solutions in clear, simple terms is a must.
The Sales Solution Engineer, Measurement & Attribution are expected to be the “tip of the spear” in understanding and explaining new capabilities to internal and external audiences.  The Sales Solution Engineer, Measurement & Attribution are also expected to provide critical feedback regarding market demand and development/engineering priorities.


  • Agile minded in search for viable solutions for every sales opportunity.
  • Ability to develop unique solutions that work within the capabilities of our client and the platform.
  • Understanding of business principles and ability to explain the value proposition of our Client’s platform.
  • Previous experience and passion for marketing analytics.
  • A problem-solving, can-do mindset.
  • Strong analytic skills with attention to detail and accuracy to specific engagements.
  • Effective verbal and written communication skills.


  • Deliver deep demo of the platform aligned to the audience’s priorities and needs.
  • Deliver highly targeted presentations, including explaining Sales Solution Engineer, Measurement & Attribution entire business. proposition and technical approach (including modeling methodology)
  • Works well with limited supervision across many disciplines.
  • Anticipate client concerns and issues, while managing expectations and providing unique solutions to meet client-specific needs.
  • Act as a liaison between clients and the product management team, specifically advocating on behalf of clients.


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